There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make a hard decision.  This decision will invariably change the course of their lives forever.  There are a lot of factors that go into making such decisions, but in the end, it comes down to which provides the most “pro” weighed against the least “con”.

I have made two such decisions in the last year.  Last Spring/Summer I made the decision to stop coaching for a while.   For the foreseeable future, that is.  This was a huge step for me because I loved it so.  I enjoyed helping others reach their potential and see their (running) goals to fruition.  The reasons for making the change are not necessary for the point of this blog entry.  Let’s take it for granted that they were the right reasons.  I don’t regret giving up coaching, but I sure do miss it.

More recently, I accepted a position with a company that I used to work with.  It is a management position and will allow me to get closer to a future that I have worked very hard to get.  A future that I want so badly, I’m willing to make certain sacrifices for.  Many people will see this opportunity that I am taking and say, “That’s an easy decision”.  Heck, even I said that.  However, upon reflection, it means a BIG change for me and my family and we will have to make adjustments.

So, here I am in the midst of a transition year.  On the running side, I am now a participant…with my very own coach!  Okay, he’s not my personal coach, but he coaches the team that I am now training with.  On the professional side, I am going from a technician to a manager.  See the duality?  It strikes me as a very harmonious synchronization within my life.  I even feel that one may have begat the other in some sort of cosmic, karma way.

Basically, I am trading the opportunity to help mold and shape the personal goals of others for the opportunity to mold and shape the professional goals of others.  I have always felt myself to be a decent mentor to those around me who have asked of it.  So, I relish the opportunity.

So, there you have it…a personal story of a life in transition.  I’m not worried about any of it, because I have the support of my family behind me and the encouragement of my peers in front of me.  Transitions are not to be feared, rather to be taken advantage of.  If an opportunity presents itself don’t regret passing it up because of fear.  Face the fear and make the leap.  That’s how you succeed.


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