Time Heals All Wounds…?

Time Heals All Wounds...?I’ve been thinking about the word legacy today.  How is legacy defined?  What will our legacy be when we’re gone?  Does it even matter?

More personalized, how does the legacy of a thought or an action define how we perceive others?  Does that perception change over time?  Does time, actually, heal all wounds?  Maybe, maybe not.  The choice is yours.

Are you defined by one moment or a series of actions?  Do you define others the same way?  I would like to believe that one simple action cannot, or should not, trump all others.  There are exceptions, of course.  A heinous crime cannot be overlooked by a series of good deeds.  But a mistake should not always the basis of judgement when looking at the big picture.

Remember that no one is perfect.  If perfection, in a human being existed, we would be able to reproduce it on a mass scale.  But it does not.  Mistakes happen.  Lapse in judgement happens.  If it happens once or twice, it should be noted, but forgiven….if it happens continuously, that makes it a pattern….a legacy, if you will.

Take a look at your relationships, at your friends and acquaintances and decide for yourself how you really ‘see’ them.  This past week, we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He has his great quote about the content of our character.  THAT should be what our legacy is about.  Take in the BIG picture.  Don’t judge every miniscule effort, but the actions as a whole.


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