Time in a Bottle

Time in a Bottle

Yep…a old Jim Croce song.  I heard it today and it made me think about how I use my time.  If I could, would I save up time now to use later?  After careful consideration, I would not.

Am I saying that I wouldn’t wish for more time with those I’ve lost?  No, of course I would.  But would I go back and change decisions I’ve made in the past?  No, I don’t think I would.  There are always things in our pasts that we wish we could change, but remember that you are who you are BECAUSE of those things.  Every bad decision I made is a learned experience.  If I went back and changed one bad decision, what’s to say that I wouldn’t make that same bad decision later and maybe even at a more inappropriate time?

We could get into a discussion about time-travel and its repercussions, but that is not what this blog is about.  This blog is about examining your life as it is now and how to make the best with what you’ve got.  LEARN from the past, MAKE your future the best it can be.

A friend of mine recently told me that an old flame had sent him an e-mail saying that she wanted to meet him and catch up.  He asked me what his action should be.  He was engaged to be married and this person had been out of his life for 5 or so years.  In answer, I simply asked him what possible outcomes could come from re-starting the friendship.  What he told me was that he was hurt by her and that was his lasting impression.  Why should he let her back in?  What good would come  from it?  In the end, he did not respond to her and deleted the e-mail.

This was a great example of learning from his mistakes.  If she just wanted to make amends and that’s it, she’ll e-mail again.  He knows that he’s happy right now, and there is no reason to drag his past into his present….in this particular case, it would NOT help his future.

So, think about what you might be holding on to.  How much time are you trying to store in a bottle?  Is it holding you back from fulfilling your potential?  I hope not.  If it is, it’s TIME to let go.


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