Therapy is spending the morning playing with my son and teaching him to crawl.  Therapy is playing Nintendo Wii with my wife.  Therapy is watching my beloved Seahawks, even when they are taking a beating.  Therapy is demolishing a wooden flower box with a sledge-hammer that my dog chewed up.

Actions that don’t seem they would fill the same day in one man’s life, but that was my life yesterday.  Needless to say, yesterday was a very therapeutic day for me.  It was a hard week, a busy week, and yesterday was just what I needed.  It allowed me to step back, examine my glass and realize that no matter how hard, busy or hectic my week is, I have comfort around me.  I have surrounded myself with people and things that not only make me happy, but add meaning and joy to my life.  My wife, my son…they are my therapy.

What’s your therapy?  Don’t have any?  Time to get some.  Whether it is spending time at a firing range or a golf course.  Whether it’s reading a book or knitting a sweater.  Whether it’s baking a cake…or eating it (in moderation, of course).  You need a release in life.  I can attest to you the significance of relaxation and how it makes all of the hard things in life melt away, at least for the moment.

My therapy today is running with a new pair of shoes that I got this weekend.  Getting back into shape, preparing to meet my fitness goals that I have already set for 2012.

What’s your therapy?  Examine your glass, find out…

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