The Right Answer

The Right Answer


When looking for solutions to problems, it is often thought that there is no right answer.  I’ve come across this concept many times over the past few months.  It seems like with every decision that is made, there are Pros and Cons without any clear definition of absolute.

Then again, that is the world we live in.  There are no absolutes.  Every good thing comes with a price.  Every bad thing has a silver lining.  Of course, I said ‘every’ in those statements, which sound a bit absolute.  So, MOST things fall into those categories.

What I have also found is that some people will hesitate on a decision or solution because of the ‘Cons’ associated with it.  Not necessarily the items that fall INTO the ‘Con’ column, but just the fact that there ARE ‘Cons’ is reason enough to hesitate.  While there are situations where this is appropriate, more times than not this is the worst reason to not make a decision.

It’s all about tolerance.  How much of a price are YOU willing to pay for the decision you are about to make.  If you are presented with a problem, finding a solution should be paramount to what EVERY possible negative repercussion can come from said solution.  Don’t get me wrong, all perspectives should be considered, just not dwelled on.

So, what is the right answer?  The right answer is the one that fulfills your need to progress.  The right answer is the one that gives you the best shot of success.  The right answer may not be the one that your gut, your heart, your mind all agree on, but if you know it’s the one that will get you to tomorrow, then it’s the right answer.  Go find it.


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