Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life

So, I found myself wondering today, “Where did the day go?”  I mean, I sat down at my desk and started doing my tasks and all of a sudden I was 30 minutes late to leave.  Weird.  We’ve all experienced it, though, so it’s not a new concept.

Then I thought about the month and a half absence I took from this blog, albeit unintentionally, and realized that my life has been at a pretty fast clip for…well…a long time.  Probably the past two years.

If I had to equate my life to a song, I have been following the beat of “The Lone Ranger” when I should have been following “Fur Elise”.  Now there’s a classical reference that I’m sure not everyone will get.

My point is…I need to slow it down.  I’ve already started taking steps towards that end.  I’m taking a sabbatical from Marathon Coaching starting in September.  I’m focusing on spending more time with my family.  I’m going to actually START writing my book.  Basically, I’m going to become Mr. Fur Elise.

So, what’s your life’s theme song?  Are you “Mission Impossible” or Kenny G?  I suppose you can be set to a beat that is too slow also.  Remember, it’s the extremes you want to be careful of.  Do you need to slow down or pick it up?

Take a look….or a listen….


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