Passing Moments


My youngest daughter is turning three in a couple of weeks.  So, that means she is just about out of her “terrible twos”.  Though, a little known fact is that the “terribl-er threes” are coming…

Anyway, she has been a very strong test of patience.  A test that I have probably been failing.  But there are moments.  Moments when we catch her with her guard down.  Moments where she is the perfect sweet angel we know she can be when she wants to be.

For example, every night she will start to whine/moan/cry a couple of times because she has kicked her blankets off.  She’s not even fully awake, just awake enough to know that she is uncomfortable.  So, I get up and walk to her room, cover her up and go back to sleep.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “What’s so precious about that?”  Well, every now and then, after I cover her up, a tiny whisper voice will say “Tank you Dada”.

THAT is a moment worth savoring.

Taking this a step further, we all have our bedtime routine.  For as long as I can remember, I blow two kisses to my kids before I leave each of their rooms at the end of the night.  My oldest has had this done to him for years now and he returns the kisses in earnest.  Lately, my daughter has also started to return them as well from her bed.  Those are great moments too….little affirmations every night that no matter how trying the kids can be, love is still abundantly present.

One of my daughter’s favorite games is to play “nap time” with her playmates, whether they be her dolls, stuffed animals, me or her grandparents.  And in her dramatic play, when she leaves the room, she also blows two kisses.  It’s awesome.

So, what’s the point of all this mushy kid talk?  It’s that we should never take these moments for granted.  These little moments will eventually fade away and make room for new moments as time goes on.  I feel that building these moments of affection and love in my kids’ heart will stick with them as they grow older.  Furthermore, I hope this will lead to an open and trusting relationship between us that will last a lifetime.

The grandest moments in life are really just a succession of cumulative smaller moments that combine into a larger whole.


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