Knocking on Opportunity

Knocking on Opportunity


This is a quick follow-up to The End…  I woke up with a little inspiration and felt like I had a bit more to say.

The popular theme is to make sure you are ready for when opportunity knocks.  Take advantage and go for it.  Right?  Well, why are we waiting for opportunity to knock?  Go knock on opportunity’s door and say, “Hey, I’m ready, let’s go!”

In my experience, we as a society do ‘wait’ a lot for things.  I’m not saying that we should always take action 100% of the time, but more like make sure we aren’t waiting unnecessarily.

Is the opportunity for a better life not here yet?  Go make an opportunity.  Go out and see what’s out there.  Moving to a different state, looking for a different job, whatever the scenario might be, if you don’t go look for it, you may never find it at all.

So, don’t wait for opportunity, go make opportunities happen for you.


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