Let me tell you about my 2012 so far.  Two weekends ago I went to Disney World and supported the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.  I am the coach for their Rally Athlete program, which trains normal people like you and I to complete endurance events, namely a half and/or full marathon.

As a part of this weekend, I met with 11 people who I had previously only communicated with via e-mail.  I was able to put faces to name and running style to human beings.  These are people who have been training for 20 weeks to complete a 13.1 or 26.2 trek through the wonders of Disney World.  Not only did they train to do this, but they raised over $10,000 for Childhood Cancer Research.  Inspiring.

While we were there, we partnered up with two other organizations, St. Baldricks Foundation and Caleb’s Crusade against Childhood Cancer.  All total, I think we had over 40 participants in the races, raising even MORE money for a great cause.  Inspiring.

Last weekend, I kicked off our Rally NW team in the FREEZING cold, windy and rainy day. We had around 40 people show up…they listened to me jabber on, ran a 5K and listen to me jabber some more, all the while shivering and probably cursing me under their breath.  But they did it…why?  They are raising funds for Childhood Cancer Research.  Inspiring.

Inspiration can be found on many different levels, in many different ways.  I’ve just mentioned several examples of what inspires ME right now.  It inspires me to keep volunteering and dedicating my time for a cause greater than my own.  Not only that, but it inspires me to make sure I keep my priorities in life.  It motivates me to keep my balance so that nothing in my life progresses at the expense of another part.

Take a look at what inspires you.  What keeps you going?  Obviously something does, as you are reading this, thus keeping going.  I have often found that the simple act of charity goes a long way.  Whether what you give has monetary, sentimental or time value, it is giving something to help others.  This in turn, helps you keep perspective on what you have.

Be grateful for what you have.  What you HAVE should inspire you.  Inspire you to get more or to give more.  Oh, and here’s the big secret…the more YOU give…the more YOU inspire.  Someone or something inspires you….you, in turn inspire someone else…the cycle keeps going.

Pay it Forward?  Examine and find out…

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