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Common things, like sense and courtesy, seem have have taken a brief leave of absence from our world.  We have been living in a social media driven society for the past 5 years, if not more.  The proliferation of information, nowadays, is increasing at a rapid rate.  News that once took days, weeks, months to spread, now is global (viral) within seconds.

Think you’re safe from being found out if you did something against the norm, let alone wrong?  Not a chance.

While no one is perfect, there are some simple rules to live by in order to ensure you stay out of the spotlight.  Actually, there’s one rule in particular.  I think we’ve all heard of it.  The Golden Rule.  While it is biblical in it’s origins, one does not have to be devout to agree that it’s pretty straight forward and easy to abide.

I mean, let’s break it down.  With the outbreak of #metoo and #blacklivesmatter, wouldn’t a lot of that be solved by the Golden Rule?  I may be oversimplifying the matter, but I don’t think so.  And, please DO NOT take this as an intent to minimize the above two movements, as I am not doing that either.  All I am saying, is that following the Golden Rule allows us to surround ourselves with the types of influences that will continue to make us happy.

Again, no one is perfect.  So, what happens if we don’t follow the Golden Rule?  Well, I know that if I find myself having wronged someone, I do what I can to make it right.  Which, goes back to the rule itself.  I expect that wrongs will be done to me, from time to time, but I expect that those who have done so will attempt to make it right as I would them.  If they don’t, then I don’t have a place for them in my life.

Easy in writing, hard in practice.  But you know what happens when you practice something hard?  It becomes easier.  Easier to cut out the negativity and toxic vibes out of your life.  Easier to be unto others as you would want them to be to you.  Try it out.  See what happens?  I wish the 1% would practice this more often and be appropriate role models to the rest of us, but like I said before….common sense and courtesy have left the building for awhile.  Until they return, be your own role model.


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