Friends, Real vs. Virtual

Friends, Real vs. VirtualHow many friends do YOU have?  How many of them have you actually met face-to-face?  If you’re reading this, it means you are somewhat web-savvy and probably have a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, blah blah blah….

Yep, I have most of those too…

In fact, I have 294 friends.  One request pending, two requests waiting approval from me….and out of all of those people, I would say I have only never actually met maybe 10 of them.

So, what’s the difference?  Well, let’s not get into physical science here, but let’s talk about the difference in support.  Social Networks are amazing tools and yes, they rule the world right now.  I can post something and immediately 294 people have access to that tidbit of information.  Luckily for my friends, I do not post every time I eat a snack or have a bowel movement, but more about my random thoughts that I like to share…such as this blog.

But let’s get back to support.  I have touted through this site that you need a good, solid support system to get you through this roller coaster we call life.  Is your support real?  Is it virtual?  Is one better than another?  I could make an argument for both….so here it goes.

Real:  If you need a hug, you can get a hug.  Virtual:  You can rant and rave and never see them roll their eyes.

Real:  They can bring you chicken soup when your sick.  Virtual:  They can help you pass the time while your home (time zone pending)

Real:  You can see the empathy in their eyes.  Virtual:  They’ll give it to you straight every time.

Yes, there are pros to each.  There are cons, but let’s not look at negativity today.  The point is, do you KNOW who your support is?  Who is there for you?  Is it your neighbor, best friend, sibling, or your favorite FarmVille neighbor?

Who ever it is, reach out to them today and thank them.  Just thank your friends for being your friends.  Let’s face it, without them where would you be.

Okay, so you may be thinking…I don’t have that.  I don’t have that person.  I don’t have support.  If that’s true…there is help out there.  If you want to rant/rave and just let loose, heck, hit that Contact Us button up in the right hand corner of your screen.  I’ll listen.  I can’t promise to solve all of your problems, but I’ll listen.  See if I can make you smile.  Because, sometimes that is all you need.  A smile.  And guess what.  That can come from a real person or a virtual person.

Find your support.  Fill your circle with greatness.  And thank them.  They are awesome…

YOU are awesome.

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