Double Down!!

Double Down!!

You know…sometimes inspiration just hits you twice, so a Double Post for today, you’re in LUCK!

So,  I was walking through the grocery store this evening, needing to pick up some essentials…you know, Cheerios and Milk!  Well, this particular grocery store caters to a specific crowd, usually the low-income crowd.  That means WIC and Food Stamps and all of that.

I’m sitting (okay I’m standing…I’m not THAT lazy) in line watching a mom unload her 2 carts full of groceries, whilst her three kids are running around screaming.  I offer to help, she snaps “NO, I’VE GOT IT” so I take my place behind her cart and wait while she finishes her labor.

While the check-out worker was scanning the groceries, the mom went to start bagging her groceries (yep, that’s part of the deal…great prices, U-Bag).  This time I didn’t offer to help, as I has already been told off.  The bill came in…I was astounded…I thought for a minute I had stepped into Costco, but alas….two full shopping carts = one huge bill.  Not to worry, she had her WIC checks and Food Stamps card, she was set….

Or, well….there was a problem.   I didn’t hear all of the details, but something was wrong….the balance wasn’t there, the checks weren’t good, not quite sure.  Bottom line, she couldn’t get her groceries.  As expected, she was furious, her kids started to cry, she stormed out of the place.

WOW….after that, I went ahead, fulfilled my duty as a grocery shopper and bought my groceries and went home.  I would have stepped up to buy hers….but I wasn’t prepared for the Costco X 2 prices that I saw….maybe someday I’ll have the cash flow to make someone’s day like that, but today is not that day.

I wasn’t upset with her for yelling at my assistance for help.  Obviously she is under a lot of stress.  I won’t conjecture what her full situation is or how she got there, because I have NO way of knowing and that sort of stuff has no use in this blog.  However, what I did walk away was with an infinite gratitude for what I have.

My wife and I have worked hard over the past decade to get where we are.  We’re not monetarily wealthy, but we are emotionally wealthy.  We have our son, we have each other and we BOTH have loving families that have been there and will be there for us if and when we need them.

I can only figure that this lady did NOT have that support system.

Here’s a favorite quote of mine…yes, MINE, I actually came up with this….I think 😉

“I have no control over which cards I am dealt, but I was blessed with the love and support to play them to the best possible outcome”

Double Down, Baby!  Okay, I just wanted to type that, I’m not sure it has true relevance to this article…but maybe it does.

To bring it back to the core…take a look at what you’ve got.  Use THAT to build toward what you want.  You can’t get there alone, so be grateful for the help you have around you…and if you don’t have help…find it.  No one needs to face the unknown without a little guidance.


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