BONUSHello all you Examine the Glassers!  Here’s a special bonus post for you about LIFE!

Life is GREAT.  Right?  Well, okay maybe not ALL the time, but it is what we are and what we do and what we work towards.

Have you made your goals this year?  Why not make one now.  Make a goal to improve your life, a little bit, each day for the rest of the year.  The changes don’t have to be big.  Actually, it is better if they are small.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  So, do something EVERYDAY.  Let’s start smaller.  Let’s go to the end of the month!  Post a comment here about the way you have improved your life one little bit at a time.

This could be that you ran a mile.  That you chose Diet Coke over Regular Coke.  Or that you gave money to charity.  Or….you get the picture.  Anything.

I want to hear what YOU’RE doing to make your life better.

Why?  Accountability.  If you post, you’ll want to keep posting.  Others will post too!  And the happiness will abound!

If your glass is half empty, this is the time to fill it up!

I wish you all the best for the rest of the month!  We’ll see how you do and go from there!

4 Replies to “BONUS POST: Life”

  1. I was inspired to start walking. I was unable to walk, or so I thought. Then I was asked to help with a charity marathon for cancer. I was inspired watching the diversity of walkers who were unable to run, but still participated by walking. This changed how I looked at myself and I now try my best to walk each night. I walk at night because I am ashamed to walk with a cane in front of others…but I found I can in fact walk and though I use a cane at night, it has helped me to walk better without a cane during the day. Amazing…..I can walk…even if I do lose my balance occasionally. It really is a great feeling.

    1. And this story is inspiring in its own right. Thanks for sharing! BTW, there’s no reason to be ashamed for walking with a cane. It’s great to see you improving your life one “step” at a time! 🙂

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